How to prep latex paint for a skim coat

Some years ago, an idiot who was just starting out in DIY painted a wall in my apartment so badly and unevenly that it’s funny. Looks like a scale model of the Rockies on its side. It was such an appalling job that I would have fired the painter, but I can’t really fire myself, can I?

So the time has come to make amends. I have seen a few videos on YouTube about skim coating, so i’m ready to make a complete hash of that too. My only relief is that i can hardly make it worse than it already is.

Question: the existing paint is a latex semi-gloss. Might there be any problem with adhesion of the mud? I’d plan to wash thoroughly with TSP, but do you reckon it would help to roughen the surface with steel wool as well, before applying the skim coat?


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