Most silent AC unit

I have currently a Comfortmaker AC unit.

The unit is probably about 15 years old and generally in good shape. However, I believe it needs some service. Air is not as cold anymore as it used to be.

I am sure it could be serviced. It is a 3ton Comfortmaker from 1996. A8036a2c1

However, since it is mounted beneath my deck I am considering to replace the AC unit to reduce noise.

The deck spans the entire with of the unit and is 7ft high. Moving the unit to a better location is very difficult to impossible.

I would like to find out what types would be best for the installation location. for example, would this type be better, given the fan pushing air out instead of up?

Comofrtmaker Performance 14 Compact Central Air Conditioner (couldn’t post a link…)

The SEER rating seems low.

What types/brands are generally considered most silent?


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