Old Station JACE Alarms Not Clearing

So I have a site where I recently installed two J-700’s which talk to an AX Supervisory station.

I’m still building the supervisory station offline (since site access is very limited), so every couple of days I’ll come with an updated station. I’ll stop the current one, rename it, and copy in the new one and run it.

Everything works fine, except there are some old alarms from previous revisions, which are still in the supervisory station’s alarm console. If I acknowledge them, they remain as “ack pending” but will remain for days. I tried doing DB maintenance today to clear old alarms (all alarms before the station update), and they still didn’t go away.

The part that really sucks is that they’re old alarms… For example, two weeks ago, a pump was down and an alarm was issued. The pump has since been fixed, and when you check its actual status its okay and there’s no alarm, but the Offnormal alarm is still sitting in the alarm console.

All of the alarms get created in the JACE’s and get pushed up to the Supervisory station… I was wondering of deleting the ConsoleRecipient from the supervisory and adding a new one would help, but I’m not sure that it’ll do much.

Unfortunately, I can’t spend much time on-site trying to figure this out (again, site access is very limited), so I was hoping if you guys could give me some pointers so I can hit the ground running when I get there.

Any input would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!


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