Cannot find Anyone To Do Heat Loss – Two widely different Mini-split Proposals

I live in lower NY state, home out in open without trees/shade. I have a great room I would like to update the HVAC. The room is 35′ x 21′ with 12′ high walls and ceiling peak around 24′ high. New roof but medium dark triple ply asphalt shingle built in 1950 on a slab with 4″ walls and whatever was standard insulation at that time. The two long walls (35′ each) face East and West and these have about 50% surface with modern low-E windows or glass doors (12′ slider plus transom on one of the walls). There is a large (5′ wide) fireplace floor to ceiling. Currently no AC and the only heat source is a 60 year copper pipe hydronic (oil fired boiler) radiant ceramic tile floor (I think there is a 6″ subfloor between slab and tiles). Given the age of the copper pipes and water quality in my area, I think the radiant floor will fail in the not so distant future. I would like an AC solution plus a hyper-heat system down to -5F or -10F.

The local Fijitsu dealer came out and said I needed two x 2 ton AOU24RLXFZH eXtra Low Temp Heat Pumps with 2 x one ton wall units at about 10′ height on a long wall for one of the pumps and then 2 x one ton floor units on either side of the fireplace. 4 tons with no heat loss calculation based on his experience.

The local Mitsubishi dealer came out, and said one 2 ton top line MZ MXZ-C H2i (MXZ-5C42NAHZ) with a single wall unit place about 20′ high on the short wall opposite the fireplace. 2 Tons with no heat loss calculation based on his experience.

Who do I believe ???? More BTU, more units always sounds better.

PLEASE any sound advice appreciated.



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