Freezer has NO access panel?!

Recently, I purchased a refurbished freezer and noticed that the access panel is missing. Without this, the compressor can easily be viewed and perhaps exposed. Also, there is a sticker on the compressor that says, "Do not apply power to this appliance or compressor if the terminal cover has been removed or is not firmly in place." Is it still safe to use without the access panel? Does the Freon and refrigerant seep out of the freezer easily if the access panel is missing? The product is under temporary warranty for at least the next 30 days from now.

Also, does adding Freon to a freezer indicate that there is an undiagnosed issue with the appliance? The handyman that was fixing it said it’s supposed to have 7 ounces of Freon ideally. He also said it’s not good for a freezer to be over 0 degrees, which could mean there is a possible leak. Currently, the freezer temperature is under 0 degrees.


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