York YCAV Flash Tank Suction Solenoid Valve Location for Remote Evaporator Design.


I maintain a York YCAV0207 air-cooled, 2- circuit, variable speed, screw compressor(s) chiller with a remote evaporator and economizer flash tank(s) located inside a mechanical room. What I don’t understand is the economizer suction line solenoid valve is located outside near the compressor intermediate suction inlet.

I am thinking when the economizer is off, the vapor in the flash tank will travel to the cooler idle suction line outside and condense right ahead of the suction solenoid valve. Then when the economizer comes on there will be a large amount of liquid entering the intermediate suction on the compressor which can’t be good. I do notice that the compressor changes noise pitch like it is pumping liquid, and the discharge superheat drops for 1-2 minutes when the economizer solenoid valve opens. I think the solenoid valve should be located inside right at the vapor outlet of the flash tank to avoid the vapor condensing in the idle suction line? I have the I.O.M. manual and the remote evaporator app info but it doesn’t address the valve location.

Trying to get info from J/C is really difficult. Does anyone know of, or is a J/C chiller service tech or rep who could answer my question?

BTW the chiller has been in commission for 7 years with just minor sensor problems etc, oil analyzed yearly, filter driers changed when needed, no compressor changes, yet anyway.

I appreciate some input!! BTW I’m new here. 1st post. That’s why it’s long lol.



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